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Uitkyk Carlonet 1982

Uitkyk’s Carlonet, first registered in 1957, was one of the top wines during the 50s. Production ceased during the 60s and reintroduced with the 1973 vintage. I have tasted the 73 and it remains one of the best old wines I’ve ever had the pleasure to drink. Subsequently I’ve had the 74 and 76 of which the latter was the better of the two but not on the level of the 73. A 1982 opened recently showed very well indeed. Whereas the 73 has an old-world elegance and sternness, the 82 is more new-world and showing definite Cabernet characteristics. I would rate it a very close 2nd to the 73 perhaps for the only reason that I find the old-world style more appealing.