White Leipzig: Relic from the Nuy Valley

The museum at old Matjiesfontein station holds an interesting bottle of White Leipzig from pre-Union (pre-1961) days. Complete with contents and label it is very rare to find such an old white wine from South Africa.

According to Leipzig’s website wine was produced there from the 1890s to 1963 and enjoyed by the British Royalty during their visit to South Africa after World War 2. They sipped on a luxurious white blend called “The White Leipzig”.

Lawrence Green wrote in “I heard the old men say” (1964) the following interesting account:

I must put in a good word for White Leipzig. It is nearly thirty years since I visited the Rabie brothers at Leipzig, Nuy, and saw the light railway used to rush the wine grapes from vineyard to cellar during the vintage. Many a bottle of their dry white wine have I enjoyed since then.

The current owners once again produce a “White Leipzig” and the 2017 vintage is a blend of Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay & Viognier.



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