KWV’s coffee table books

The KWV produced a striking series of coffee table books beginning in 1967 with the publication of The White Wines of South Africa by W. A. de Klerk. The author remarked that… “further titles are planned to cover red wines, sherries, dessert wines, etc. Each will be presented by an acknowledged specialist in his field”. The book is beautifully illustrated with sketches and water-colours by well-known artist Francois Krige. An Afrikaans edition of de Klerk’s book is also available, as are all the other titles in the series. The other books are Spirit of the Vine (D. Opperman, 1968), Wine Country (H. Merwe-Scholtz, 1970), Red Wine in South Africa (B. Biermann, 1971), Brandy in South Africa (A. Brink, 1972), Dessert Wine in South Africa (A. Brink, 1974), Wine & Wisdom, (Versfeld, et al, 1978) and Sherry in South Africa (G. Calpin, 1979). All are readily available on the second-hand book market and collectively make an appealing series.



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