JP Cloete’s Groot Constantia wine

J P Cloete was the last private owner of Groot Constantia before it became a Government farm in 1885. Cloete acquired the farm in 1824 by purchase from his parent’s estate and produced there 5 different kinds of natural sweet wine-

Red Constantia
White Constantia

Below are images of two objects that survived from JP Cloete’s time. The first two images are of a bottle of Pontac and the little sticker sitting above the label carries the date 1874. This bottle was offered on Ebay in 2014 by a French seller. The last image is of the Frontignac label which I was advised (also an Ebay item) came from a late 19th century label collection.

H.O. Taljaard





One thought on “JP Cloete’s Groot Constantia wine

  1. romain

    What a surprise to find my bottle in your blog.
    it is true that the wines of your country are fantastic. I drank constantia wyn, they are divine!
    Finally I kept it, neither drunk nor sold!



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