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Nederburg’s 1974 Auction Cabernet Sauvignon

Some time ago I was given 3 bottles of Nederburg Auction Cabernet Sauvignon from the 1970, ’72 and ’74 vintages. These wines were stored in a garage and the corks showed seepage over many warm summers. At home I stored the bottles upright but really had little hope that they would be any good.


Nederburg has always produced some big flavourful Cabernet’s befitting a warm climate. The ’74 opened recently had an interesting port-like character, by no means gone and gave a glimpse of what it once was; big, flavourful and dense. David Hughes wrote in his 300 Great South African Wines (1983) that the 1972 was “…big, powerful…” with the 1974 “…much along the same lines…”.

Wine Cellar (Cape Town) stocks a range of fine older vintages which can be found here:




JP Cloete’s Groot Constantia wine

J P Cloete was the last private owner of Groot Constantia before it became a Government farm in 1885. Cloete acquired the farm in 1824 by purchase from his parent’s estate and produced there 5 different kinds of natural sweet wine-

Red Constantia
White Constantia

Below are images of two objects that survived from JP Cloete’s time. The first two images are of a bottle of Pontac and the little sticker sitting above the label carries the date 1874. This bottle was offered on Ebay in 2014 by a French seller. The last image is of the Frontignac label which I was advised (also an Ebay item) came from a late 19th century label collection.

H.O. Taljaard




1938 Wynbereiding

In 1938 the Department of Agriculture and Forestry issued a 104-page pamphlet on the subject of “Wynbereiding” (Winemaking). Authored by Prof C. J Theron and C.J.G Niehaus, it was the first publication in South Africa to deal with the practical science of winemaking. The Department was very actively producing pamphlets on almost every aspect of agriculture, including wine titles on fortified wine, sherry, and vine growing all now extremely scarce.




Hans J David (KWV’s first brandy expert) is credited for creating the well-known KWV 10 Year brandy. The brandy was first blended by David on 8 Jan 1936 consisting predominantly of a 1926 Pure Vintage Liqueur Brandy.

A sample keg of this brandy was exported to “Hamilton Incorporation, New York” with the steamer SS Chincha. The image below is of the “Certificate of Origin” of the sample keg issued by the KWV on 9 March 1937.



Earliest Cape wine publication: Memorandum on Cape Wines by Dr H. H. Gird, 1846

The very first script on the subject of wine in South Africa, titled Memorandum on Cape Wines by Dr H. H. Gird, published by the Cape of Good Hope Agricultural Society, appeared in 1846. A guide of sorts, it gave practical advice to wine-makers, and was meant to be distributed to wine-farmers in the Colony.

Henry Hobart Gird (1802-1861) was born in England and died in Malmesbury, South Africa, an important wine and wheat area north of Cape Town. He was a medical practitioner and farmed at Malmesbury, where he focussed on wine. Gird’s Memorandum, an essay of 6 pages (posted below), was published in a Cape Town Dutch newspaper; it is quite possible that is was distributed with the newspaper as a supplement. This has not been verified. The on-line inventory of the National Archives reveals many interesting documents related to him.


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